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Are you afraid of cleaning?

This might sound weird, but A LOT OF PEOPLE are just grossed out about cleaning up after their guests.

If cleaning up after your guests is something you DREAD doing, there is hope!

First of all, MOST of my guests DO NOT leave a mess!
They are people like you and me, that are reasonably clean and tidy. YEP!

I prefer to clean my suites every week. But sometimes a guests stay over a week and prefer not to have me cleaning up after them.

Here are some solutions:
1. I leave cleaning supplies in my suites and they can do a light cleaning themselves.
2. I offer them to have a cleaning lady to clean the room instead of me.
(You can hire a cleaning lady, but my experience is that sometimes you just need to do it yourself, for several reasons I don’t want to describe here)
3. At check in, I show them where extra beddings and towels are, so they can change it themselves.

With these simple steps, I can say most problems are averted and I just recall ONCE having to pick up what I thought
it was waaay too much hair off the bathtub. I gave my guest (a young lady with long dark hair) the benefit of the doubt: maybe she meant to clean it and forgot?
How many times we forget to do simple things? It took me 3 seconds to wipe the hair off with a paper towel 🙂

And here is my quick method to clean up my suites:

As soon as guests check out and you have a moment:
-Strip the beds
-Start washing towels
-Beddings are after, including duvet cover and mattress cover
-Wash the bath mat, which needs to be washed separately, with only other bath mats

After first load is in the laundry,
I spray the toilet, sink and tub with a cleaner that contains CLOROX.

I pick up the garbage and recycling, leaving one garbage bag open for whatever paper towels I use cleaning or little things I find in the fridge, etc.

Next is the kitchen, including stove, fridge and countertops. All little appliances get cleaned as well.
Don’t forget the crumbs tray in the toaster and the filter in the coffee machine!
I also notice most of my guests leave water in the electric kettle.Make sure to empty it.

After it’s all done, I make the bed and dust the room. We are almost there!

I vacuum and mop the floors with a steam mop, just water.

Then the best part starts:
Add fresh towels to the washroom, and whatever treats you leave for your guests in the kitchen 🙂

I spray the room with a natural linen/room spray and it is DONE!
The best part is to see the guests faces light up when they see how clean and warm the room looks!

DO NOT let a simple thing like CLEANING get in the way of having an income property.

Client Love

I can't say enough how helpful and productive it was to have Claudine come and help us with our rental suite. She took the guess work out. She took the time and evaluated the suite in details and looked at our lifestyle holistically. Then in a very kind way gave us the truth, what we needed to do, different options, and how to do it. The information we received was not candy coated but at the same time it wasn't overwhelming as she broke it down to small doable actions. We were not sure of long term rental or short term. Looking at our lifestyle, she told us the amount of work for each option and gave us her opinion of what she thought would work best for us. It was a great experience for both my husband and I and I'm glad he was home that day to listen to Claudine. What she said and did was way more clear than what I would have explained later. We had trouble renting our basement suite for about 3 months. After the conversation with Claudine, we worked on the suggestions she gave us and rented the place within 3 weeks.

Anahita Sharvini

What an interesting and rich journey it has been working with Claudine. Her enthusiasm for real estate was without a doubt, the major catalyst for us to invest in a property and become business partners. She happily shared with us her experience in real estate marketing, as well as a lot of valuable information she acquired over time. Without that information we would never had invested and bought our beautiful cabin. We are thankful that she is very resourceful. One year later, we can say that we had a great time together, complementing each others’ styles and interests. Her integrity and handwork are an essential part to our successful partnership.

Kika & Rescio Souza

Claudine has been our entrepreneurial diva and a source of encouragement for several years. Most recently, her enthusiasm and guidance (through her own experience of buying a rental property) helped to spark an old passion of ours... real estate investment! Almost a year after our conversation, we managed to reach something we wouldn't dare to imagine even in our wildest dreams! We bought 2 rental properties within 6 months and we are currently planning to secure the 3rd one. We know how to perform feasibility studies, risk mitigation strategies, worst case scenario assessments, breakeven studies, etc... but sooner or later "you need to jump". Claudine has been instrumental in helping us see possibilities from a different perspective. We will forever be grateful for her support, coaching, and never ending guidance.

Edison Reis

Claudine advised us to give short term rental a try after having rented our basement suite for 20 years to long term renters. We are extremely pleased with the outcome and cannot imaging going back.

Ellen Walde

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